John Alred – Owner/Recreational/Technical Instructor

I started diving January 9, 2016.  Since the first time I put a regulator in my mouth I knew that I had found my calling.  After serving in the Military for 10 years, I needed something to fill the comraderies void and purpose that the military had given me.  SCUBA did just that.  I got certified in the same lake that I now train my students in.   I used my GI Bill education benefits to propel myself to a Recreational Instructor in 2017.  Through continuing education and new-found friends, I met Ken Head and he put the bug in me to try technical diving.  I started technical Diving in 2017 earning Intro, Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox.  Taking a break from Open Circuit, In 2018 I started my closed-circuit diving adventures diving on the Hollis Prism 2 eCCR.  I started Just Breathe Scuba Adventures beginning in 2019 because I wanted to train divers with the passion of diving that I have had from the very beginning.  This challenged me even further as I continuously find more and more reasons of why I love to dive.  I continue my passion for diving by continuing my own education of Technical diving and by starting my progression into Public Safety Diving.  I have had the privilege to dive in some amazing locations from Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Fresh water, Salt water, Caves, Caverns, Wrecks, and reefs.  I can teach courses from Recreational to Technical, CPR, First Aid, and Photography.

Agency Instructor Ratings – SDI/TDI/FRTI Instructor, NAUI Instructor, SSI Instructor

Other Qualifications – Associates in Business, Licensed Drone Pilot, EMT-B, Former Military Medic NCO, Loyal Friend, and Most Importantly Dedicated Husband and Loving Father

Amber Alred – Co-Owner/Medical aficionado

Amber was one of those people who said “I will never be a scuba diver.” We know this because she said it to me, her husband John, on our very first date. After seeing the passion that I had in SCUBA, the itch finally took over and she asked to try it. She has been hooked ever since. She has dove in Bonaire, Cancun, and in the Lakes of Texas. Her favorite dives are wrecks like the Hilma Hooker in Bonaire and seeing all of the colorful fish congregating around these amazing structures. Amber is a valuable asset to the Just Breathe Team as she brings over 12 years of medical expertise as a RN and as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Amber also does much of the back-end work searching for desirable new dive locations for us to venture off too. Her desire to expand the underwater world and bring style and flair for women is unmatched in this industry. If you have any questions about diving and don’t want to hear the Instructor point of view she is definitely the one to ask.

Ken Head “Wingnut” – Technical Instructor Extreme Scuba Division

Ken started diving in 2011, and has devoted most of his spare time furthering his education in the scuba industry. He was certified in open water in the Comal River and Canyon Lake. He started scuba travel right away, continued his education and completed his Advanced Diver and Nitrox certifications at Sharm El Sheik, Egypt in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. His education and diving experience advanced to Rescue Diver to include courses in First Aid and CPR. He polished off his Navigation and Surf Entry skills in the frigid 48-degree waters of the Pacific Ocean.He then traveled to Bonaire to complete his Master Diver course. During his Divemaster course, Ken also became a Certified Technical Diver who has been introduced to Decompression Techniques, Advanced Nitrox, Wreck Survey, Wreck Penetration, Trimix (Helium), as well as Cavern and Cave diving. In 2019 Kens passion and search for knowledge earned him a spot of the elite status Naui’s Extreme Exposure Instructor where he is able to train only the best of the best to depths beyond 350’. Ken’s diving travel experience has included Sharm El Sheik, Egypt (Red Sea), Bonaire, Mexico (Cozumel and Mahahual), the Pacific Ocean (Channel Islands and Monterey, California), El Gouna, Egypt (Red Sea), the Florida coastline (Atlantic Ocean and Key West), Roatan, Honduras, Belize,Fiji,Bali, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, the Gulf of Mexico coastline (oil rigs, reefs, and wrecks). Ken co-created and leads a Deco Dive Training Group called the Deco Dawgs that has sparked a strong following in Central Texas and is known through out the world of Technical Divers as a high quality Technical Instructor.

Jamey Reasoner – Scuba Instructor

Jamey fell in love with diving as a kid on vacation with his parents where he and his mother participated in a discovery scuba class.  Many years later Jamey was certified as an open water diver and within a year earned his Nitrox and Advanced Open Water certifications.  For seven years he enjoyed diving summers in the lakes and springs around Texas with occasional trips to the Florida springs where he was introduced to cavern diving and became very interested in cave diving.  In 2014 diving year-round became available with the purchase of a dry suit.  Soon thereafter Jamey began learning about the technical side of diving.  Jamey began experimenting with different styles and configurations of sidemount diving and was able to decide on the configuration that suited him and got the configuration locked in rock solid during his Introduction to Cave diving Open Circuit (OC). After meeting and befriending some really great Scuba Instructors and Dive Masters Jamey recognized he wanted to share his passion for diving so he began working to become a Dive Master (DM) and Assistant Instructor (AI).Jamey has assisted with many different classes since becoming a DM/AI and continued on to become a Technical DM who could assist with Decompression Procedure classes under TDI. Thanks to some great friends Jamey was able to break into the world of rebreathers by purchasing a Hollis Prism II rebreather and has completed his Air Diluent Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diver and Introduction to Cave Diver CCR Courses.Jamey has continued his passion for teaching since and is now an Open Water Scuba Instructor under TDI/SDI and PADI.


From Our Happy Customers

We had a great experience with John and Just Breathe Scuba. I was looking for a private instructor for my daughter who was wanting to learn scuba, she is shy and I thought she might do better actually retaining the lessons in one on one setting at her speed vs a group class where she… Read more “Manny Murret”

Manny Murret

John is a fantastic teacher. Communicates with ease. Awesome experience. Makes learning scuba fun. Highly recommended this family and veteran owned business over the… Read more “Dan Clark”

Dan Clark

John is an amazing scuba instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable and passionate about scuba diving. Our family learned to scuba together. Our 11 and 16 year old sons are officially hooked on scuba diving. Our experience from beginning to end was awesome! Can’t recommend him… Read more “Melody Henderson”

Melody Henderson

“John is a fantastic teacher. He communicates with ease. What an awesome experience. Just Breathe makes learning scuba fun. Highly recommended this family and veteran owned business over the… Read more “Dan Clark”

Dan Clark

My dive shop closed and I wanted to continue my education. Research led me to Just Breathe and I could not be happier. Met with John to discuss my future and after only a few minutes knew I had found my new home. Already completed my first specialty and looking forward to the future. Thanks… Read more “Kyle Trammell”

Kyle Trammell

I inquired about becoming dive certified with this company years ago, since then I have not only became certified, I am working my way to becoming a dive professional. John at Just Breathe Scuba Adventures is a one of a kind dive professional. He is not only kind, funny and patient but very safe. I… Read more “David Hoskins”

David Hoskins