Manny Murret

We had a great experience with John and Just Breathe Scuba. I was looking for a private instructor for my daughter who was wanting to learn scuba, she is shy and I thought she might do better actually retaining the lessons in one on one setting at her speed vs a group class where she might not speak up if unsure. That was a great decision. John was a fantastic instructor. He commands attention, but was very kind and understanding. He knew just when to focus her back on the lesson or go back, very engaging and she got way more from this lesson than I could have hoped for group training. Right before coronavirus quarantine started we got to take my daughter for her first dive trip in actual ocean (lucky). When she came up, this was her reaction: “This is amazing”, “Thanks Dad”, and “I can’t wait to tell Mr John”. My wife also went back to John for refresher course. He has a relationship with area dive shops and used their pool for practice, and certification in nearby lakes. I am even considering pursuing additional certs even though I’ve been diving for 20 years. I actually feel like I learn something from John, that he really cares about this sport.

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